Crown Point Vista

   Be sure to bring your camera for some great pictures
from the Grand Coulee Area's Best Vantage Point.

   Get a Birds Eye View of Grand Coulee Dam, Lake Roosevelt,
 Rufus Woods and the Majesty of the Great Grand Coulee.

   From this Vantage Point, you can see the Vastness of the
ancient river channel Carved by the Glacial Columbia.

Directions :   From the town of Grand Coulee,
Junction SR155 / SR174....

Drive 2 Miles West on SR174,
The Clearly Marked turn off will be on your Right.
Follow the Road a little over one Mile to the
Crown Point Parking and View Area.

Crown Point was built with Civil Conservation Corp
Funds in the 1940's and is currently managed and
maintained by Washington State Parks and Recreation

   Crown Point Overlook State Park's Crowning Jewel
is the Large Covered Concrete Observation Point.   

This Circular Structure is Actually a Huge Sun dial.

 The Sun shines through a hole in the Roof at the
center of the Building, letting a beam of light fall
on one of the 12 roof support columns, which
correspond to the 12 Hours on the face of a Clock

For a reference point, the face of Grand Coulee Dam
points due North, down river.


To gain a better perspective of the Grand Coulee
Dam Area, You may wish to visit Crown Point
Before your Journey to the Grand Coulee Dam.

Crown Point Overlook is only a Five minute
drive from downtown Grand Coulee.

Note:  Please be Careful when walking on any
improved or unimproved trails around the overlook
and please stay in designated areas.    Thank-you.

Crown Point can be found easily from the Eastern side of Coulee Dam.
Look along the top of the West Coulee Wall, about a Mile Below the Dam.

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