This is the Original Bridge that was constructed between 1933 and 1937 and spans the Columbia River 1/2 Mile Below Grand Coulee Dam.

The Unstable Hardpan Clay Hillside which the bridge was spanning into, gave engineers quite a headache.  It caused the bridge to shift and lean many times until its completion in 1937.

The Bridge which is part of Hwy 155, connects the East & West Sides of the
Town of Coulee Dam.

The Bridge is about 1500 feet long and is considered narrow, since its total road width is 20 foot 6 inches.
There is a 4 Foot Sidewalk on each side of the bridge and 11 information stations have been attached along the length of of each side of the bridges railing.

These Stations represent historic, geologic, and construction information about the Columbia River and the Grand Coulee Dam.

This is a FREE Tour!!

Be sure to bring your camera....  There are some fantastic photo opportunities on both sides of this historic magnificent bridge.

Easy access parking
from both ends of the bridge, makes this a great FREE self guided tour about the Grand Coulee Dam & Area.