Northrup Canyon

    Set in the Southern Grand Coulee Wall, Near Steamboat Rock State Park, Northrup Canyon is a Nature Lovers Paradise.
 Countless Species of Flora and Fauna inhabit this Pristine Canyon.
   Settled by the Northrup Family in the Late 1800's... this canyon has been a shelter for countless natives and pioneers over the centuries. You Can still find their old Cabin along the trail to the top of the canyon.

    An old covered Wagon Trail is Rutted along the North Wall. This Wagon Trail was a passage route cutting across the center of the Grand Coulee and up Barker Canyon on the other side.

At the Top of the Canyon you will find a beautiful 5 acre stream fed lake, which is stocked with some of the largest trout around.

      ( Northrup Lake is reachable only by walking trail and being over
        3 miles up the canyon....     You can see why the fish get so big ! )

Looking out of the Canyon into the Coulee.
Steamboat Rock and Banks Lake are in the Distance.

  From Mid November through Mid March, Northrup Canyon has become a haven for Bald Eagles. They Roost in the Canyon amongst the Sheer Rock Walls and multitude of Pine and Fir Trees.
           ( Northrup Canyon has the only Forest in Grant County. )

Upwards of over 200 of these magnificent birds Winter in
Northrup Canyon each year !   The Best time to view the Eagles
 is in the afternoon around 2:00 pm through Dusk.
  Such an attraction are these Birds....  an Eagle Festival is held each year on Presidents Day Weekend ( Mid February. )

    Interpretive Forums, Theatre, Live Entertainment, and Interpretive Bus Tours of the Area Eagle Sites & Habitat, Plus Viewing tours at Northrup Canyon make this an Entertaining and Educational weekend Event bird and Nature Lovers Everywhere.

    Don't forget your camera, digicam, Telescope, or recorder.... this  Canyon Setting makes for some wonderful Nature Pictures and experience.

1/2 Mile into the Canyon shows some of the Marvelous
formations carved into the landscape from the
Great Lake Missoula Ice-Age floods over 10,000 years ago.

Northrup Canyon is one of the GCD Area's Long Kept Secrets.

Directions to Northrup Canyon are easy...
From Grand Coulee Dam Drive approx 7 miles on State Hwy 155 South Bound to Mile Marker 19. Go Left up the Improved County Road for 1/2 mile and Park at the Eagle View Site Lot.
From there you can walk all up, down and all around the canyon.

There is an Equestrian Area for Trail Riding and for Camping as well just before the View site Parking Area.

As of Jan 1, 2003... Northrup Canyon has become
a Fee Usage Area. ( Operated by the Washington
State Parks and Recreation )       
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